Projects of Rewarded!

The research groups listed below have received an award from the pilot fund Science communication by scientists: Rewarded! You will find initiatives by 91 groups of scientists who have structurally invested time and effort in science communication for the past recent years. Browse through the examples to see what kind of SciComm-projects scientists around The Netherlands are organizing and get inspired.

Rotterdam Rotterdam

Marketing Management

Everyone is a consumer – that’s an an important fact in marketing research.

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New Archaeology

Researchers at Leiden University’s Faculty of Archaeology show that Archeology is much more than "just digging".

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Current developments in nature

How do you help society adapt to changes in nature and the climate?

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Children are our future

Department of Child Development and Education have been systematically working on behalf of our youngest generation for over 10 years now.

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Science at the nanometre level – how does that work?

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Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam

Women on the (historical) map!

Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Dutch suffragette Aletta Jacobs – everyone knows some famous female historical figures. But the representation of women in the history canon is still far from on a par with that of men.

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Een vrouw legt een groep mensen iets uit. Ze staan op de kust van een strand

Risks to health and the environment from chemicals including plastics

How dangerous are chemicals to human health and the environment?

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What is blockchain?

What is blockchain and how does it affect the relationship between government and the citizen?

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Oncology, neurology, cancer biomarkers

Did you know that your digestive system is nowadays sometimes referred to as your “second brain”?

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Science communication undergoing a transformation

Poverty, inequality, migration, conflict, and ecology are all important research topics for staff at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS).

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Artificial Intelligence

How will artificial intelligence influence our lives?

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The research group associated with at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences has been constructively engaging with organisations for many years now with a view to finding better answers to questions regarding integrity and diversity.

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