P3: Podium for PhD Students and Postdocs

P3: Podium for PhD Students and Postdocs

Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Embedding science in society through science communication – for this group of Utrecht researchers, that is an essential part of their work. They tackle it through a wide range of channels: School TV, the Klokhuis TV programme, radio, public lectures (for example a lecture series in the autumn of 2020 on evolution and society with themes such as COVID-19, biodiversity, and ethics) and also through active participation in institutions such as the National Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery and the Council for Geosciences and Life Sciences. With these wide-ranging activities, they are able to reach all layers of society, from young to old and all levels of education.

With the grant from the Rewarded! Fund, they aim to focus on up-and-coming researchers so as to bring science to the general public. The idea is to organise a science festival with young researchers on the podium – P3, the Podium for PhD Students and Postdocs – in the form of a system of soapboxes scattered throughout the Botanical Gardens in Utrecht, combined with a silent-lecture format (with the audience moving from soapbox to soapbox by means of headphones). In this way, science can be offered to the general public on topics ranging from ecology and climate change to genetics, health, and sustainability.

School tv – ‘t Is weer tijd voor BiodiversiTijd (Edwin Pos)
Studium Generale UU – Wat is de natuur ons waard? (Merel Soons)
NPO 3 Code Rood (Appy Sluijs)

Edwin Pos, wetenschappelijk directeur

Other group members:
Appy Sluijs, hoogleraar
Merel Soons, hoogleraar