Sustainable investment

Sustainable investment

FSchool of Business and Economics, Maastricht University

What motivates individuals to invest sustainably? The Maastricht interprets the research on that issue for a variety of different stakeholders, such as pension scheme members, donors, private investors, administrators, millionaires, and charities.

They share the research results widely via a video series, podcasts, social media, and blogs. Approaching the various target groups directly through partners – such as a pension fund’s magazine or wealthy bank customers – makes it possible to disseminate scientific insights that will enable people to make a difference with their assets. Another of the group’s initiatives is the Science Slam, in which researchers present their findings to the general public in a theatre.

The plan is to use the grant from the Rewarded! Fund to create a professional video series in which researchers will be invited each month to share their findings on philanthropy and sustainable investment in an accessible and thought-provoking way. There will also be a focus on scientific insights from fellow scientists that can help people create greater social impact with their assets. The videos will be shared via a YouTube channel, social media, and networks of relevant partners.

Youtubekanaal – Prof Paul Smeets
Pensioenfondsdetailhandel – Beleggingsbeginselen
Dedikkeblauwe – Prof Paul Smeets over het geefgedrag van Nederlandse miljonairs


Paul Smeets, hoogleraar

Other group members:
Robin Aarts, onderzoeker
Katrin Godker, postdoc
Marten Laudi, promovendus
Marco Ceccarelli, postdoc
Janek Kretschmer, promovendus
Kendra Valck, communicatieadviseur
Marc Kentgens, communicatieadviseur
Henk Groot, hoofd beleggingen

Professor Paul Smeets staat voor een brug
Paul Smeets tijdens een opname voor het Youtube-kanaal De impact van geven