How do we make young people future-proof?

How do we make young people future-proof?

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University

Is there an epidemic of psychological problems among the young people of the Netherlands? How bad is social media use for their mental health and success at school? This group of researchers at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences are investigating these and other questions about the health and well-being of young people. They undertake a wide range of activities and initiatives to involve people and society as a whole in their research.

The group proactively disseminate knowledge about their research through such things as presentations, reports and fact sheets, and they approach target groups such as municipalities and municipal health services to set up and carry out joint research. One example of this citizen science work is the LEF programme, in which all those involved (including politicians, parents, young people themselves, the hospitality industry, and the police) provided input to develop and implement an intervention on alcohol use among young people. For professionals, the researchers also organise workshops, participate in project groups, and publish in specialised journals. Children, young people and the general public are involved through public lectures, science shows, blog posts, interviews on TV, podcasts, and radio programmes.

The research group intend using the grant from the Rewarded! Fund to raise the profile of their work. They will invest the grant in new forms, techniques and means of communication, such as an interactive website and infographics.

LEF – edvo
Jeugdjournaal – Hoe lang zit jij op je telefoon?
Loneliness across cultures – onderzoeksproject
NPO Start – Knappe Koppen – Hebben games ook nut?

Marlies Maes, universitair docent

Other group members:
Maartje Boer, promovendus
Regina van den Eijnden, universitair docent
Catrin Finkenauer, hoogleraar
Marloes Kleinjan, hoogleraar
Ina Koning, universitair docent
Lydia Laninga-Wijnen, postdoc
Margreet de Looze, universitair docent
Margot Peeters, universitair docent
Gonneke Stevens universitair docent

Een foto van een markt uit het midden-oosten
Screenshot website Lonliness across Cultures
Foto van tafel en panel met stoelen
Foto tijdens Dag van de wetenschap Eenzaamheid onder de loep
Illustratie van zes meisjes. Bovenaan de poster staat Girlz geschreven
Promotieposter voor talksspecial GIRLZ: 101 levensvragen