The Climate and Energy Transition

The Climate and Energy Transition

University of Tilburg, Tilburg Law School

What action is needed in the coming years to achieve the climate and energy targets? Public knowledge and awareness of this is badly needed so as to ensure support for the climate and energy transition. The challenges are managerial, legal, financial-economic, psychological, and social. The Tilburg Climate and Energy Transition Research Community are attempting, from all these different fields, to help us along the path to a sustainable future.

They do so by a variety of means: information sessions for policymakers, webinars and seminars for professionals, guest lessons for children, appearances in the media and at festivals, articles for a general readership, and consultancy work. The group’s activities include organising an election debate on climate and energy, a competition for children to come up with sustainable ideas, and a neighbourhood assessment so that various different groups within a neighbourhood can collaborate.

Activities made possible with the grant from the Rewarded! Fund will focus on children and young adults, with the aim being to involve them in finding solutions to the various challenges by clarifying what they can already do themselves to change behaviour and by working with them to find new ways of making their voice heard.

Websites: – Zon en windenergie: Brabanders willen wel maar hoe – Opbrengst van windmolenparken moet ook naar burgers gaan
Tilburguniversity – Kinderuniversiteit
Energiefabriek013 – Wijk in beeld

Saskia Lavrijssen, hoogleraar

Other group members:
Martijen Groenleer, hoogleraar
Leonie Reins, assistant professor
Laura Kaschny, promovendus
Brenda Espinosa, promovendus
Petra Hofman, onderzoeker

Verschillende studenten houden een presentatie voor een groot scherm
Compilatie van het verkiezingsdebat Klimaat & Energie, 2019
Foto van vrouw in blauw jurk
Saskia Lavrijssen in het artikel Opbrengst van windmolenparken moet ook naar burgers gaan 2020. (link)