What is blockchain?

What is blockchain?

University of Tilburg, Tilburg Law School

What is blockchain and how does it affect the relationship between government and the citizen? An interdisciplinary team explain this from different perspectives for a variety of target groups. Data-driven technology has penetrated deep into society, and it’s therefore important that people are clearly informed of the implications.

To that end, the team undertake a varied range of science communication activities: a documentary, interviews in the newspapers and on the radio, participation in panel discussions for journalists, podcasts, public lectures, a workshop, articles, and books. The individual members of the team are also active on social media and online platforms.

Support from the Rewarded! Fund will enable the team to take the next step in professionalising these activities. The intention is to produce four videos, presenting the results of a research project that focuses on socially responsible innovation with blockchain in the public domain, a highly relevant study for the general public. The videos will take the form of mini-documentaries in which video is combined with animation. They will be suitable for use at schools and will also be published on YouTube and the project website, where the researchers can respond to comments and questions in interaction with the general public.

Bol.com – boek Jurgen Goossens – Blockchain en smart contracts
Vpro – Game of phones
Panelfit – Vulnerable Data Subjects and EU law

Esther Keymolen, universitair hoofddocent

Other group members:
Jurgen Goossens, universitair hoofddocent
Gert Meyers, postdoc
Charlotte van Oirsouw, promovendus