European values

European values

University of Tilburg, Tilburg School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

What are the trends, causes, and implications of changing values in Europe? The European Values Studies project provides information on those changing values. The data is valuable for researchers and has led to numerous publications.

The researchers share the results of the project with policymakers, politicians, journalists and the general public, and publicise it via popular science publications, public lectures, blogs, and press releases. The project focuses to a major extent on education: developing various modules, web tools and supplementary learning materials on values education, for both online and physical learning environments, specifically for primary and secondary schools. The intention is to clarify similarities and differences between different groups of people in Europe.

The project team utilise both proven and innovative methods to communicate the data and scientific answers about values issues. The third version of the popular Atlas of European Values is soon to be published. It addresses pressing issues that Europe and Europeans face today. There is an online module for primary schools about educational values in Europe and a module enabling pupils to carry out their own research project. For secondary schools, there are interactive web tools such as maps and a digital class on current issues in different languages, to be used for various school subjects.

European Values
Tilburg University – Waarden in tijden van corona – Europese normen en waarden

Inge Sieben, universitair hoofddocent

Other group members:
Tim Reeskes, universitair hoofddocent
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Ruud Luijkx, universitair hoofddocent
Loek Halman, universitair hoofddocent

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Populair wetenschappelijke publicaties: Atlas of European Values