iSPEX and Citizen Science Lab

iSPEX and Citizen Science Lab

Leiden University, Faculty of Science, Leiden University

Not only to tell the broad general public about scientific practice but also to get the public involved in all kinds of ways – that is the primary goal of the researchers engaged in citizen science at Leiden University’s Faculty of Science. In recent years, this partnership has developed innovative individual citizen science projects as well as general methodology, strategy, and innovation for citizen science.

This all started with the iSPEX project, a spin-off from astronomy research in which thousands of “citizen scientists” throughout the Netherlands and Europe, in cooperation with other research institutes and social partners, measure aerosols (particulate matter) with a special attachment for their smartphone. Currently, the research group generally work from the Citizen Science Lab, an institute that brings together scientists, citizens, and civil-society parties in order to arrive at new insights for science and society through citizen science. The lab helped, for example, to set up the Plastic Spotter and the Psychology Lab on Wheels, two citizen science projects based on questions submitted by residents of Leiden.

The Citizen Science Lab researchers wish to continue connecting up society and science; the grant from the Rewarded! Fund will help them develop new kinds of scientific projects focusing on science participation.

Universiteit Leiden – Citizen Science Lab
Psychologielab op wielen

Frans Snik, universitair docent

Other group members:
Anne Land-Zandstra, assistant professor
Margaret Gold, Citizen Science Lab coordinator
Liselotte Rambonnet, promovendus
Pedro Russo, assistant professor

Screenshot van webpagina Plasticspotter
Screenshot van webpagina Plasticspotter