Netherlands Twin Register

Netherlands Twin Register

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, VU University Amsterdam

Did you know that non-identical twins sit, stand, crawl, and walk slightly earlier than identical twins? Using data from questionnaires, researchers from the Netherlands Twin Register study these and many other matters regarding the nature and nurture (i.e. innate and acquired) characteristics of twins. Since its inception in 1987, this initiative has acted to keep registered twins and other interested parties informed about the Register’s work.

Thanks to questionnaires filled in by those on the register (of whom about 120,000 are currently active), the researchers collect data from twins and other multiple-birthees and their families. Participants receive an annual invitation, and are sometimes also invited to take part in other studies at VU University. They can log in via a portal to see the information they have provided and what it has been used for, and to view their own results in personalised reports.

The researchers pay special attention to communication with participants, using social media channels and the Twinfo magazine, and by making the available data transparent. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will be used to increase the roll-out and informative content of the Twin Register portal with the help of a student assistant.

Tweelingenregister – Digitale magazine
Twitter – Netherlands Twins Register

Natascha Stroo, departmental manager

Other group members:
Eco de Geus, professor, head of department
Dorret Boomsma, professor
Meike Bartels, professor
Gonneke Willemsen, professor
Elsje van Bergen, assistant professor
Perline Demange, promovendus
Bodine Gonggrijp, promovendus

pdf met resultaten onderzoek over het speelgedrag van tweelingen
Een geanonimiseerd voorbeeld van onderzoeksresultaten die met deelnemers van het Tweelingenregister worden gedeeld

Screenshot van de landingspagina wanneer deelnemer inloggen op de MyPortal van het Tweelingenregister