Scientific communication without jargon

Scientific communication without jargon

Wageningen University and Research, Social Sciences

Making scientific research on sustainability understandable without jargon. The Wageningen Centre of Sustainability Governance aims in this way to make science accessible to non-experts (i.e. the general public).

The Centre’s researchers who are involved in science communication already engage in various activities, including writing popular science books and blogs for the NRC newspaper; the Talks without Jargon project, in which PhD students explain their research and are alerted by the public as soon as they use jargon; and a debate series on nutrition systems.

The Wageningen Centre of Sustainability Governance consists of a number of research groups, each with its own varied experience in the field of science communication. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will make it possible to jointly enhance jargon-free science communication activities. That means, for example, communicating in clear language, presenting information visually through infographics and video clips, and setting up the Centre’s own YouTube channel.

Websites: – Big data can easily be misinterpreted – Klimaatblog – Incubator project: Sustainable governance talks without jargon

Hanna Schebesta, associate professor

Other group members:
Ingrid Boas, associate professor
Simon Bush, hoogleraar
Emily Liang, communicatiemedewerker
Jelle Behagel, assistant professor
Verina Ingram, assistant professor
Arjen Buijs, onderzoeker
Tamara Metze-Burghouts, associate professor
Art Dewulf, hoogleraar
Josephine van Zeben, hoogleraar
Chiara Macchi, postdoc

Een NRC-klimaatblog geschreven door Simon Bush, Marloes Kraan en Hanna Schebesta
Hoe voer je een gesprek over Sustainable Governance zonder jargon te gebruiken? (foto © Pixabay)