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How does migration work, and what legal issues are involved? Law is not a hard empirical science; rules and case law leave a lot of room for interpretation. However, the authors of Verblijfblog (the name means something like “residence permit” blog) do not intend to give their own interpretation of the law. This group of researchers from the migration law section of VU University Amsterdam aim to help readers gain a better understanding of migration law issues for themselves.

The blogs provide historical background, the context of a problem in legislation and case law, an explanation of the relevant law, or simply factual information. In a field that is highly polarised politically, the Verblijfblog editorial team has been attempting for many years to provide sound, neutral information about current migration-law issues for the broadest possible audience. And with success: not only do policymakers, lawyers, and journalists at leading newspapers find their way to the blog but so do lay people. Among the most frequently read pieces are those that explain, in an accessible and basic way, for example, how family migration works in domestic and European legislation.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will help fund a student assistant, who can guarantee continuity of the blog by carrying out preliminary research, organising meetings, and communicating with authors.

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Martijn Stronks, universitair docent

Other group members:
Eveline Brouwer, senior onderzoeker
Marcelle Reneman, universitair docent
Younous Arbaoui, universitair docent
Nadia Ismaili, universitair docent
Galina Cornelisse, universitair hoofddocent

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