Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen Department of Psychology

Mindwise is an online platform that provides information about developments in the field of psychological research and teaches students and academic staff how to communicate about science. With the assistance of an editorial team, almost four hundred blogs and more than thirty podcasts have been produced so far. Annual science communication workshops are also organised, as well as debates and arts projects. The activities involve students from every level of education.

Mindwise reaches its target groups – the general public, the media, researchers, and students – via various social media: Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

The Mindwise team wish to recruit and train student assistants, expand the outreach activities, and develop a science communication learning pack that is accessible to all. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will be used for that purpose.

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Anastasios Sarampalis, docent

Other group members:
Nicol Arellano Véliz, promovendus
Jeremy Burman, assistant professor
Yvonne Groen, associate professor
Namkje Koudenburg, associate professor
Brian Ostafin, assistant professor
Eric Rietzschel, assistant professor

Illustratie van twee wetenschappers die naar neuronen wijzen
Poster uit 2017 ter promotie van het Mindwise-platform
Illustratie van twee mensen in een kapel
Poster uit 2018 ter promotie van het Mindwise-platform
Foto tijdens een debat georganiseerd door Mindwise