Connecting Pedagogical Sciences and practice

Connecting Pedagogical Sciences and practice

School of Social and Behavioural Science, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Pedagogics is a social science par excellence. The pedagogics researchers at the Clinical Child and Family Studies section at Erasmus University Rotterdam (OGP-EUR) have been working since 2011 to strengthen the relationship between pedagogical sciences and pedagogical practice. They contribute in this way to sharing knowledge of “young people, family, development, and upbringing” through publicly accessible popular science lectures, textbooks, symposia, and science-based contributions and advice.

OGP-EUR focuses on a wide general public as well as on target groups within pedagogical practice: professionals in education, juvenile care and policy, families, professionals at clinics, and policymakers. Given that they work in a field that cannot be separated from society as a whole, the researchers also see it as their task to develop ideas, tools, theories, and interventions in cooperation with end-users and stakeholders.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will enable them to continue their current science communication activities and to engage in further professionalisation. The researchers will invest specifically in new webinars, masterclasses, workshops, and courses for particular professional groups.

Lannoo – Opgroeien in het hedendaagse gezin
VPRO – Kinderen hebben niets aan overhead
EUR – Behandel me als persoon niet als dossier. Uithuisgeplaatste jeugdigen echt een stem geven

Keijsers, L, hoogleraar

Other group members:
Luijk, hoogleraar
Harder, bijzonder hoogleraar
Steketee, bijzonder hoogleraar
Frank van der Horst, universitair hoofddocent
Jacqueline Schenk, universitair hoofddocent
Rianne Kok, universitair hoofddocent
Daphne van de Bongardt, universitair docent
Fabienne Naber, universitair docent
Joyce Weeland, universitair docent
Nicole Lucassen, universitair docent

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