Current developments in nature

Current developments in nature

Wageningen University and Research, Environmental Sciences

How do you help society adapt to changes in nature and the climate? This Wageningen group involves tens of thousands of people in innovative citizen science projects, thus ensuring that the scientific knowledge obtained is applied to the maximum possible extent. It also raises awareness of the various environmental problems that society faces and possible solutions to them.

Young people are also involved in research, working with the scientists on research and education programmes for secondary-school pupils. Research results, information, and data are being consolidated and made available via the Nature Today online platform. The researchers also give interviews to journalists, make presentations, appear at information fairs, and are active on social media.

One of the group’s projects, the Nature Calendar observation programme, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The programme charts the effects of changes in weather and climate on the timing of annually recurring phenomena in nature. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will enable the group to bring the results of the Nature Calendar to the attention of the general public in an even more effective manner. It will also facilitate the group’s plans to produce a daily nature news programme in cooperation with the Vroege Vogels [Early Birds] radio programme.

Websites: – Natuurkalender

Arnold van Vliet, onderzoeker

Other group members:
Wichertje Bron, webbeheerder
Hidde Hofhuis, onderzoeker