New Archaeology

New Generation, New Archaeology

Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University

That fact that some people still only think of “digging” when they hear the word archaeology is something researchers at Leiden University’s Faculty of Archaeology consider to be a great pity. Their own focus is particularly on young people so as to show that 21st-century archaeology is so much more than just excavation; it also concerns itself with ancient DNA and LiDAR, and with major social issues such as Dutch identity, social resilience, and the climate.

The research group adopt an entertaining approach to introduce young people to the discipline, for example with a children’s book about the Bronze Age, a board game based on a lecture series, and contributions to the Humania exhibition at the NEMO Science Museum. School pupils are also actively involved in scientific activities by allowing them to shadow PhD candidates or by giving them guided tours during fieldwork. Starting this year, children are even actively involved in research in the Heritage Wanted citizen science project. Using detailed maps, they can search for burial mounds in the Veluwe and Utrechtse Heuvelrug regions.

Financial support from the Rewarded! Fund will help continue development of four current projects: Heritage Wanted, restoration of a historic ship to turn it into a classroom, and development of up-to-date illustrations for the Dutch Canon and for Neanderthal Legacy.

Universiteit Leiden – Bronstijdonderzoek leidt tot jeugdboek
Universiteit Leiden – Archeologist helpt ontwikkelen bordspel Europese prehistorie
Erfgoedstem – Vanuit huis speuren naar archeologische resten

Maikel Kuijpers, universitair docent

Other group members:
David Fontijn, professor
Quentin Bourgeois, universitair docent
Marie Soressi, professor
Femke Tomas, promovendus

Boekcover Brons
Boekcover Brons: Over glimmende schatten in mistige moerassen (2019)
Foto Maikel Kuijpers met bordspel in zijn handen
Maikel Kuijpers draagt bij aan ontwikkeling bordspel Epoch
Kinderen lopen een archeologische wandeling
Kinderen en wetenschappers tijdens archeologisch veldwerk