Science Communication by Scientists: Rewarded!

Scientists are increasingly being asked to ‘go public’ and cooperate with parties outside their familiar academic circle. This exchange is important for establishing trust between science and society, responding to contemporary issues and for jointly working on solutions to societal problems. However, these communication- and engagement-activities do not yet form a natural part of the duties of Dutch academics, meaning that there is generally a lack of time, resources, and support from the knowledge institution concerned.

Within the programme Science Communication by Scientists: Rewarded! researchers from the Athena Institute of VU University Amsterdam investigated how science communication by researchers at knowledge institutions can be incorporated more effectively into scientific practice.

The Rewarded! guide, published on 31 October 2022, helps knowledge institutions to recognize and reward scientists who are structurally involved in science communication and public engagement activities. The Science Communication by Scientists: Rewarded! pilot fund and enrichment programme has been made possible by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and was carried out by a project group within Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), under the guidance of the Rewarded! Advisory Board.